MIUI 9 ROM : List of Miui 9 Supported Devices


Names and List of Miui 9 Supported Devices

Eligible miui 9 devices, list of miui 9 Supported Devices, Names of devices getting miui 9 update: So do you want to Know list of miui 9 supported devices? and want to know which xiaomi smartphones will get miui 9 update? If yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with the names and list of Miui 9 Supported smart phones.

Miui 9 is xiaomi's latest operating system which comes with a lot of new features and upgrades. So now when the Miui 9 Update list is near many users are waiting and eager to know if there Xiaomi device will get miui 9 upgrade or not? So in this guide today we will tell you names of devices getting miui 9 update.

Before you go to the Miui 9 update list make sure you know about what is miui 9 . So miui is xiaomi's very own operating system and it is also one of the best custom roms present in the world. All xiaomi smartphones comes with miui 9 installed in it . the latest version of Miui xiaomi is going to launch is the Miui 9 and we are here with the Miui 9 update list.
Miui 9 eligible Devices

MIUI 9 Update List

almost every year xiaomi brings something new in there os and this time in the MIUI 9 update we can expect some major changes as well because miui 8 wasnt a major hit and also it didnt came up with many new features and upgrades. But in the Miui 9 Update List we can expect Many new features and upgrades. So make sure you check the name of your smartphone in miui 9 update list.

Miui 9 Elgibile devices

There are many devices in the Miui 9 eligible devices and it is worth mentioning that xioami is one of the very rare companies which include its all smartphones in the MIUI 9 elgibile devices list. so lets tell you the names of Miui 9 elgible devices.

List of Devices getting Miui 9 Update:-

  • Redmi note 3 Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi note 4 Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi note Prime Miui 9 Update
  • Mi max Miui 9 Update
  • Mi mix Miui 9 Update
  • Mi 4 Miui 9 Update
  • Mi 4i Miui 9 Update
  • Mi 3 Miui 9 Update
  • Mi 5 Miui 9 Update
  • Mi Note Miui 9 Update
  • Mi note 2 Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi Note 2 Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi Note 3G Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi Note 4G Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi Note Pro Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi Note 4X Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi 1s Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi 2/ 2 prime Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi 3s Miui 9 Update
  • Redi 3s prime Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi 4 Miui 9 Update
  • Redmi 4 prime Miui 9 Update
So the above given devices will for sure get Miui 9 update, and thats why they are in MIUI 9 Update list. I hope your device is there in the Miui 9 eligible devices list.


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